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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Overwhelmed By Irrelevant Resumes? | Successfully Recruit Internet Marketing Talent

Finding experienced internet marketing talent doesn't have to be an exercise in frustration. Don't rely on resume submissions and job board postings alone. You have to be an active participant in the search or else you'll end up with a mile high stack of mostly irrelevant resumes and a bad attitude.

1. Become an Expert!
a. Learn everything you can about the positions you are recruiting for.
b. Develop relationships with qualified candidates and utilize them
as a resource for information. If you don't know something, ask!
c. Subscribe to RSS feeds from industry experts such as and

2. Stay Current on Industry Trends and Best Practices
a. Read articles and blogs by current and emerging thought leaders.
b. Participate in blog conversations, ask questions!
c. Use the technology yourself and gain firsthand experience.
d. Join local meet-up groups.
e. Subscribe to industry publications such as Website Magazine.

3. Look Beyond the Resume to Actual Experience and Results
a. Look at the candidates work! Ask for a list of client projects and a summary
of objectives and results for each.
b. Ask knowledgeable questions about the candidate's capabilities and experience.
c. Request to see ranking, linking and other SEO reports.
d. Check out websites the candidate has designed or promoted.
e. Ask candidates to specify their role in projects they've worked on.

4. Create a Social Networking Presence
a. Establish a Twitter account, personalize with your photo and bio.
b. Create a blog or landing page to send candidates to with job & contact information.
c. Do more than send messages, engage in conversations!
d. Write posts and tweets of interest to prospective candidates.
e. Use the search functions on sites like Twitter to find and target candidates
through @ and direct messages.
f. Be consistent and responsive!

5. Network Offline
a. Attend industry events and conferences.
b. Develop trusting relationships with top candidates and working professionals.
c. Ask for referrals.
d. Be aware of industry layoffs and firm closings- this can be an excellent
source of qualified talent!

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