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Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to Stop YouTube Related Videos on Your Blog

Seriously, what is wrong with YouTube?

If you use video on your blog then you know what I am talking about... not so related "related videos"! How does a drunk chick in Mexico relate to a small town Christmas event for families? I don't see the connection but YouTube does.

I have been working on a blog for a small conservative town outside of Chicago. It was quite a coup to get local businesses and organizations on board with the whole social media/blogging thing. At 10:30 pm last night I got a call from a very angry client demanding that I remove porn from her site and from the community blog. It took me a second to understand what she was talking about. Although I didn't see the smut firsthand, I did see completely unrelated content popping up in the embedded YouTube player once the blog video stopped playing. We are using a new Revolution template for our sites and it seemed to block YouTube's related videos. This week for some reason the blog videos began to display them and they were most inappropriate!

I immediately called our trusted wordpress developer who knows everything. He suggested that we switch video sharing sites to Vimeo or Viddler but the thought of reuploading my 30+ videos to a new site was really depressing.

As my favorite fortune cookie saying goes, "when one must, one can", I stayed up into the wee hours desperately looking for a solution. I read post after post from people in the same situation. One article showed how to manipulate the embed code but that didn't work. My ah ha moment came at around 1 am when I noticed the small blue circular icon next to the embed code on YouTube. Before you copy the embed code, click the icon and check "disable related videos"!

Yes, it is that simple! This is a brand new feature offered by YouTube in response to the many complaints they have received concerning related videos. In the future I will use vimeo or viddler instead of YouTube just to be safe and because I now hate YouTube!

Dear Client,
If you are listening... I did not put porn on your site nor am I making money from the related videos that appeared on your site! I agree that a drunk girl in Mexico has nothing to do with carriage rides and Christmas cookies. THANKS A LOT YOUTUBE!

1 comment:

Annette said...

This exact thing happened to me! I got a phone call from a media trainer who told me he was reviewing my website and a certain video came up after mine (which I had tagged with words like "relationship break-up"). The unrelated "related" video featured a woman, a vibrator, and a banana. D'oh!

I had never watched my video once it was *on* my website, so I didn't notice that I forgot to check the box to disable related videos when I pulled the embed code. Ooops.

I got a laugh out of it. But that's the sense of humor I have...