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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Video SEO |Secret Weapon for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Video SEO |Secret Weapon for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Video Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way for small and medium sized businesses to dominate local Google keyword searches, drive quality local traffic to a website and increase conversions from prospective clients.

Search engines place a greater value on video results than text because of the authority given to sites such as YouTube. In my experience, it takes less than two weeks for a video to make its way to the first page of Google search results for local searches vs. blogging or text based organic SEO, which can take up to six months for the same results.

Online video can level the playing field for the small business, by providing a reasonably priced and appealing platform to illustrate points of differentiation from bigger competitors. From an SEO standpoint, it is the ability to easily create and distribute online video that will drive value for search optimization, user engagement, and eventually faster conversions.

Video SEO Case Study | Larc Jewelers

Goal: Larc Jewelers of Glen Ellyn, IL wanted to rank on Google for local keyword searches.

Execution: After identifying the appropriate keywords, we created and launched one marketing video per month.

Results: Within a few weeks, Larc Jewelers dominated the first page of Google for the search phrase “Jewelers Glen Ellyn, IL”. The increased online exposure has generated phone inquiries, in store traffic and sales!

Video SEO Package | (12 month contract) Call 630.269.3725 for more info.

Keyword Development: I will analyze your local market and establish the most effective keywords to target through Video SEO.

Video Sharing Accounts and Business Profiles: Opening video sharing accounts for marketing purposes is time consuming and labor intensive. I open video sharing accounts with your business’ profile including, contact information, web address and marketing message.

Marketing Video: Use the power of video to engage your target market and achieve local search result domination. I create one video per month featuring your merchandise, promotional message and contact information. Before your video goes to the web, I require approval to ensure continuity of your marketing message.

Video Distribution: Uploading files to video sharing sites takes time and technical knowledge. I distribute your marketing video to personalized sharing accounts within 24 hrs. of video approval.

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