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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Internet Reputation Management | The Rip Off Report Saga | Conclusion

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The monkey's off our back. It has been more than a week and the Rip Off Report that wouldn't go away is safely buried in the black hole of Google's search results. May it never rear its ugly head again! Want proof? Check this out!


Tell them what they want to hear. The key to reputation management is making sure to actively promote your business message online. If you're not talking about your company, who is? For the most part the only people who care enough to write about a business online are the ones with an ax to grind. Businesses can not afford to ignore their online presence. The internet is the way of the world and what is said online exists as a fragment of information forever associated with your business.

Drown out the bad review nazi. It is said that the answer to hate speech is more speech. The same can be said about bad online reviews. Write articles, update your website frequently, use the power of video to create a buffer. If there is enough "on message" content online then the occasional bad review won't sting so much.

A bad review is like a gangrenous leg wound. You'll either treat it or chop it off. And most likely you aren't going to change the name of your business. You have worked hard to develop a good word of mouth reputation and recognizable branding. Do not let bad online reviews or misinformation go unchallenged. Chances are that if you've seen it so have your prospective clients and customers.

Call off the dogs before you get bitten. When you read a negative review or comment about your company on the web, it is natural to get really pissed off. Take a deep breath, count to ten, have a drink but don't cause more damage to your reputation by reacting out of anger. Think strategically. Do not attack. Always take the high road and emphasize what your business has to offer.

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