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Monday, August 11, 2008

Reputation Management for Scumbags?

No thanks! Before I gloated over having buried a Rip Off Report for our client, I should have better explained where I stand on working with scumbags. I won't do it. I have no interest in cleaning up after a company that behaves badly. Our client in this case had 1 rip off report and no complaints with the BBB. We spent considerable time with our client, company employees and customers and were confident that this rip off report was unfairly ruining his online reputation. If you do enough business someone is bound to get upset at some point in time. Why should that one person have the power to put a permanent digital scarlet letter on that company? If you are in business and treat people wrong, the world will hear about it online and reputation management will cost more than it would to change your ways! Call Katz Recruiters to find out more about reputation management 630.269.3723

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