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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Social Media Jobs | Get Hired

Get Hired! | Crafting Your Social Media Marketing Portfolio

Social media marketing is the new cool kid in town! Companies big and small are scrambling to hire social media specialists both contract and staff. Hiring managers are bombarded daily with irrelevant resumes and unqualified candidates. To differentiate yourself from the crowd, you must have a killer portfolio that illustrates your abilities, highlights your achievements and proves beyond a doubt that you know how to achieve results.

Take the time to write a clear and concise bio. Don't try to cover the specifics of your experience but rather this should be a teaser that leaves the hiring manager wanting to learn more about you.

ex. Rachael Dror is a social media marketing specialist with two years of experience promoting small and midsized businesses through social media channels. She develops successful marketing strategies that result in brand awareness, site traffic and increased findability online. Her skills include; copy writing, community management, organic link building, video optimization, facebook application development and more.

Your resume must be easy to read! Don't make potential employers search for your work experience and education. Lay this part of your portfolio out in an easy to follow format.

Work Samples and Results
This is the creative section of your portfolio. Your objective is to show what you've done and how well you do it. Include:

* Screen shots of your work
* Explanation of your role
* Objectives
* Results

You must illustrate how you accomplished set objectives. The best way to do that is to show actual analytics on site traffic, friends, followers, conversions, brand exposure, etc.
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